Writing Down Goals & Rewarding Yourself

Because quitting is one of the hardest things you’ll do, it’s important to have ways to navigate your quit journey, especially when your resolve weakens. If you give yourself milestones and rewards, you’ll have a greater chance of success. Here’s how.

Put the reasons you want to stop smoking in writing.

Make a list of the reasons you want to stop smoking and put it somewhere you’ll see. This record can help you through the tough times, like if you slip up and have a cigarette.

Set and write down daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

This physical contract with yourself can inspire and help boost your confidence.

Track your progress on a calendar.

Rather than counting down the days - count them up. Get yourself a calendar and tick off each day you’ve managed to stay cigarette-free. The ticks will soon add up – reminding you of your hard work and how far you’ve come if your willpower falters.

Reward yourself.

Treat yourself at each milestone of the goals that you wrote down. Make the rewards meaningful, like buying something you’ve had your eye on, getting a gym membership, or planning a small dinner party - all to celebrate your accomplishment.

Setting up a Support Network

Moral support is essential during the tough times. Learn how to set up a support network that will help you quit successfully.

How to Tackle Cravings

Identifying the reasons behind your cigarette cravings is the first step in learning how to deal with them.