How to Tackle Cravings

When you first quit, your cigarette cravings will be pretty powerful. Try to hang in there with the help of this information. Understanding your cravings is essential for overcoming them and breaking free from smoking.

  • Identify what makes you crave a cigarette.
    Strengthen your willpower by limiting or skipping triggers you commonly associate with smoking. For example, if you usually have a cigarette with your first coffee, maybe drink tea or juice instead.
  • Write down all the things and situations that make you want to smoke.
    Do this especially for the cigarettes that will be extra hard to give up.
  • Change your activities and settings.
    Forming a habit takes time and breaking it doesn’t happen instantly. In any situation where your normal response would be to reach for a cigarette, do something new.

    If you normally smoke after dinner, get up and take a short walk instead. If your friends smoke too, suggest a change of scene. Rather than going out for drinks at your usual spot, go and see a movie or hang out in the park one afternoon.
  • If stress makes you crave a cigarette, then find other ways to relax.
    Try calling a friend, getting a glass of water, going for a walk, or reading. Exercise is a great stress reliever too.

Setting up a Support Network

Moral support is essential during the tough times. Learn how to set up a support network that will help you quit successfully.

Breaking out of a Smoking Routine

Quitting smoking is a learning process. Follow these tips for keeping up your hard work and being smoke-free.