How to Tell Loved Ones About Quitting

We know that deciding whether to tell loved ones that you’ve quit smoking is a personal decision. There’s no right or wrong answer.

If you choose to tell them, we hope these pointers will help guide the conversation. Ultimately, it’s the support that loved ones can give that may be worth telling them that you’re doing something amazing – you’re quitting smoking.

  • Choose who will give you the kind of support you need.
    Some people are better listeners and easier to lean on, especially during tough times. Because everyone is different, tell your loved ones whom you think will give the kind of support you need.
  • Tell them your main reasons for quitting.
    By helping them understand why you’re quitting, you’re providing the kind of information you may need to hear from them during a time when your resolve weakens.
  • Explain what you find the hardest about quitting.
    Knowing your triggers and how to handle them will help you overcome them and let your loved ones give you the support you need. If you choose to call a loved one during a craving, they then are better equipped to help you.
  • Tell them what kind of support you’d like.
    This may change throughout your quit journey, but try giving a loved one a few examples of the support you want. For example, tell him or her that letting you call when you really want to have a cigarette after dinner would be a big help. Maybe you want a new activity or distraction buddy, or you need a good listener? Really try to explain what kind of support you’d like.

Also explain what kind of support you don’t want.

Make loved ones aware that having them always focus on quitting or nagging if you slip up, isn’t helpful. We know the whole quitting conversation may be tough for you to have, but this particular part may be the toughest.

Having told them the kind of support that you’d like, explaining your dislikes may be easier. Again, try using some examples of what you don’t want, like having them call you daily to check in. As well, you can point them to this article for ideas about how they can support you.

How to Help Loved Ones Quit

Helping someone quit smoking is a great feeling. We’ve pulled together some good ways for you to give helpful and thoughtful support.

Setting up a Support Network

Moral support is essential during the tough times. Learn how to set up a support network that will help you quit successfully.